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Google I/O 2017 – 10 Things you should know

If you missed Google’s I/O 2017 keynote, here are the Top 10 things you need to know about Android, Virtual Reality, Google Home, Google Assistant, and more.

1. Increasing presence of AI in all Google Products

Sundar Pichai (Google’s CEO) made it clear that the company’s future depends on artificial intelligence.

2. Standalone Virtual Reality Headsets

Smartphones, PCs or external tracking devices are no longer needed. Standalone VR headsets are great, but not groundbreaking. Microsoft has already announced a similar device in their keynote.

3. Google Tango

Google adds indoor mapping (using augmented reality). More specifically, on-screen directions that show you where an item is located in a store.

4. Android Go 

A lightweight version of Android for entry-level devices, optimized for data-restricted environments (e.g. countries with poor service or where data is expensive). This is Google’s biggest push to date towards getting more people in underdeveloped countries to use Android. To quote Google’s CEO, “Android Go will reach the next billion users”.

5. Smarter Google Assistant

With Google Lens, the Assistant will analyze what is in your camera shot and display relevant content. For example, you will see a rating when pointing your phone at a storefront.

6. Google Assistant is now available on iPhone and iPad

We will venture to guess that for most users Google Assistant on the iPhone will perform better than Siri; you should try it. 

7. Google Home gets smarter

Google Home (using Google Assistant) can display the right information to the right connected screen. For example, you can ask Google to show you your Calendar, and Home will display your day’s events on a TV. You can also ask Google Home for directions, and it will send the directions right to the Google Maps on your phone. Also, you will be able to make free calls (US and Canada) directly through your Google Home. For example, “call mum”.

8. Google Photos (Suggested Sharing)

The Photo app will now automatically recommend that you share photos you’ve taken with people that it recognizes.

9. Google Photos (Printed Books)

You will be able to print a photo book directly from your device (starting at $9.99). To make your life easier, Google Assistant can help you pick the best photos.

10. Google Photos (Remove unwanted items)

Google’s AI will be able to remove unwanted items in your photos. 

Other noteworthy announcements? The total number of monthly Android devices (active) surpassed 2 billion.

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