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5 sure Ways to get unfollowed or muted on twitter

It is no secret that Twitter is full of noise, and in many instances, this noise is caused by Twitter accounts that focus on churning out as many tweets as possible, rather than focusing on quality. This degrades the Twitter experience for all of us and is the best way to get unfollowed or muted on Twitter.

Here are 5 actions you should avoid, so that you don’t get unfollowed or muted on Twitter.

Spam Your Audience

Some people bought into the idea that tweeting 5+ times a day is necessary, and that quantity is more important than quality. This is not true. While we agree that Twitter can be a noisy place, tweeting or retweeting useless content may be the best way to get muted by your audience.

Use Twitter As Your Promotional Vehicle

There is nothing wrong with promoting your product or service. However, it should be a delicate balance of providing useful, interesting, and promotionalcontent. Your audience didn’t start following you because they want to bebombarded with promotional content every day.

Each business and industry is unique, but we encourage our clients to keep promotional tweets under 20%.

Hashtag Overload

Hashtags are essential and will help you get your content discovered, but users usually ignore tweets that look spammy (have more hashtags that words). Our advice is only to include a few relevant hashtags.

Cliché Profile

Most of us are skeptical of Twitter accounts proclaiming to be thought leaders, speakers, or authors because they are overused to the point where most people don’t take them seriously. Unless you are a well-known thought leader avoid such claims.

Buy or Accumulate Fake Followers

Twitter accounts with fake followers are easy to spot. Fake profile picture and content misalignment (content doesn’t align with the profile description) are just a few examples.

There is a misconception that you have to have a lot of followers (100,000+) to see a real impact on your business. This is not true, a small group of real and loyal followers (e.g. 1,000) is worth more to your business than 100,000 fake or disinterested followers.


With Twitter and social media in general, what matters today and what will always matter is the quality of content you create and share, and not how many followers you have, how many times you post, or how many hashtags you use.


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