Benefits of responsive website design

Responsive Web Design is an approach to implementing a Website that automatically responds to different screen sizes – Desktop (larger screen) or Mobile (smaller screen). Fundamentally, Responsive Web Design ensures that your Website looks great regardless of what screen sizes are used (current or future).

User Experience

Responsive Design provides the optimal user experience and is the only design method which offers a seamless transition from Desktop to Mobile and vice versa. With Responsive design there is no Mobile version, it is just one version of the Website which dynamically adjusts content and media to fit different screen sizes.


Creating and maintaining one Website is more cost-effective than maintaining two versions (Desktop and Mobile).


As we previously mentioned, because Responsive Websites can adjust irrespective of the screen size, it makes them extremely flexible. For example, you don’t have to worry if Samsung decides to create a new screen with a unique aspect ratio, your Website will not fall apart, it would adjust accordingly.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Google has stated that Responsive Design is their preferred mobile configuration, which to us means if all things are equal, a Responsive Website will rank higher than a non-responsive site.

In conclusion, Responsive Design is here to stay, so the question is not if but when you should update to a Responsive Website. If you have any questions with regard to impact, cost, or timeline please give us a call.

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