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Digital marketing trends – Visual content

Digital Marketing trends come and go, but some things never change. Visual content always outperforms text, regardless of the marketing channel. 

Yes, visual content requires a little more work, but your efforts will undoubtedly pay off with greater reach and engagement numbers.

Here are some visual content types you should consider in your next marketing campaign:

1. Images

Our brains process images a lot quicker than text, so it should not be a surprise that images outperform text.

2. Infographics

Images are great, but infographics are even better. If you can encapsulate your industry, trends, or through leadership in an infographic, it will be shared, liked, and have better engagement than any other type of image.

For example, Kobe Bryan’s 30,000 Points.

kobe lakers infographic example

3. Videos

Product overview, How-to, Testimonials, and other types of videos not only keep users engaged for longer, but they also increase the conversion rate. For example, landing pages with videos will always outperform landing pages with images and text. 

For example, Constant Contact (landing pages).

constant contact landing-page video example

4. Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs are a good fit when you can’t encapsulate a product or product options in a single image. For example, if you are selling apparel, you can showcase the same dress in different colors, without having to use multiple images. Animated GIFs are also cheaper to make (compared to videos) and are supported by all devices.

For example, Selfridges & Co. (Michael Kors collection).

selfridges animated gif

5. Memes

Memes may not be a great fit for most businesses. However, they resonate well with younger audiences, and can quickly go viral, so you shouldn’t rule them out. 

Word of caution, don’t overuse memes and don’t try too hard to be funny or witty. 

For example, Gucci Watches.

gucci meme example


Shrinking attention span is changing how we communicate with our customers, and visual content plays a vital role in catching this short (and prized) attention span.

Finally, there is more to visual content than images, so you should consider experimenting with other forms of visual content types like infographics and animated GIFs. 

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