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Why Experts Have To Write Your Company’s Blog Posts

Today, most businesses understand the benefits of content marketing, so content is abundant online. Any topic you can imagine, any interest you have, or any problem you are trying to solve – there are millions of blog posts written to address your specific question or need.

Just Google a handful of topics, and you will quickly realize there is no shortage of content, irrespective of how ‘niche’ your interest is

That being said, the Internet is also full of generic blog posts that no one is reading and videos that no one is watching. All this effort is spent creating content that only a few people will ever stumble upon.

Why is this the case? For the most part, generic and irregular publishing is the root cause. In this post, we will use blog posts as an example, but the same concept applies to whitepapers, videos, infographics, etc.

To give your blog posts the best chance of success, you need to start with a knowledgeable author.

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Why Experts Have To Create (Write) Your Content 

Most blog posts struggle to attract any attention, and after analyzing the content, you quickly realize why – there is no depth to the topic or subject. In today’s world, short, generic blog posts get lost in the noise.

In today’s world, short generic blog posts get lost in the noise. 

So, why are there so many short and generic blog posts on the Internet? We believe it’s because too many junior employees and virtual assistants (VAs) are tasked with content writing. Junior employees and VAs are often new to the business or industry; hence, they may not possess the expertise necessary to cover your business, product, service, or industry as an expert would.

In our opinion, you should always have experts in your company writing content. They have a much deeper understanding of your customers – which is the most important aspect of writing relevant and helpful content.

For example, your best salesperson will know better than anyone else what your customer’s typical objections are, so they should be the ones writing about it. Your senior call center employee will know best how to address the most common issues. Your CEO or founder is the most qualified person to talk about your vision and culture.

We are not suggesting experts and the leadership team in your company upload and distribute the content. Your less experienced employees can do that, but the most qualified person should write the content.


To have experts write your blog posts (or content in general), you will have to get buy-in from the top (CEO, President, VP, Director, etc.) because experts are precious to a business; hence, their time is preoccupied with other important tasks.

Simply put, if you don’t get the buy-in from the top, your experts will always have something more important to do. Therefore, you have to elevate the importance of content writing in your business.

Priorities are set from the top, so make sure everyone understands that your customers deserve the best possible content. And that blog posts are an essential lead generation strategy for your business.

Why Is Quality So Important?

For many companies, blog posts are how customers first discover them, and the importance of this first interaction (first impression) cannot be overstated. If your blog post demonstrates expertise, then you will come across as an expert. However, if your content comes across as generic or lacking depth, then that’s how you will be perceived.

Furthermore, we know that the more content your prospective customer reads, the more likely they are to purchase your product/service. Hence, quality content is essential to keeping your prospects interested while you move them down the funnel (prospect, lead, qualified lead, customer).

Content Writing by “AI” (and ChatGPT)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping content writing, with ChatGPT playing a pivotal role in expediting this transformation. At Evolving Digital, we employ AI tools extensively for brainstorming, creating outlines, and optimizing content. However, when it comes to writing blog posts and landing page content, we always use human experts – essential for creating high-quality content with a distinctive voice and a unique perspective.

Furthermore, our experience has shown us that AI-generated blog posts can occasionally contain significant inaccuracies. While AI is undoubtedly a valuable tool, it is not infallible and can make more errors than you think.

Our recommendation to clients, and to you, is to leverage AI tools to assist in content creation. Nonetheless, we firmly believe that content crafted by human experts have an edge and will perform better.


We all want to be educated and guided by experts, irrespective of what we are searching for online. And if you agree with this statement, then treat your customers with the same level of respect. Don’t waste their time with generic and low-quality content. Instead, task your best employees and experts with content writing, because that’s your best chance of attracting customers.

Lastly, content marketing takes time to gain traction, but the cream always rises to the top.

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