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5 Tips for running a successful video ad on Facebook

In the US alone, Facebook will have 169 million users by 2018 – this reach is unmatched by any other social media platform. Therefore, Facebook’s Video Ads will keep growing and playing an important role in advertising. With that in mind, here are 5 tips to help you run a successful Ad on Facebook:

1. Think Before You Act

You have to start by setting goals, and how you will measure returns. For example, which specific audience are you targeting and why? What action(s) do you want the customer to take? What is your Cost Per Lead, and Earnings Per Lead targets? 

2. Don’t Ignore Purchase Patterns

You should not link your Video Ads straight to ‘buy now’, ‘purchase’, ‘shopping cart’, etc. Unless you are a well know brand, most people will not make a purchase decision the first time they see your product. Link your Video Ads to a piece of content to continue the conversation. Also, don’t forget that most people first consume content on mobile devices, but eventually make purchases on larger devices (e.g. Desktop, Laptop, Tablet).

3. Square Video Format

When compared to landscape videos, square videos get more video views, likes, shares, and have a higher completion rate.

4. The First 2-3 Seconds Of Your Video Are Crucial

Most people will only see a few seconds of your Video Ad, so make sure you capture their attention immediately. Also, for the most part, your Ad will be viewed without sound, so don’t be over-reliant on it.

5. Test, Test, And Test

Keep an eye on data and adjust accordingly. For example, if your target audience is not responding to the Ad, it might be time to tweak your message, try a different target audience, or change the video. 

You have to think of Facebook as a media company, not just a social media platform, so video advertising will continue to grow and play an important part in digital advertising. 

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