Illustration of Geo targeting

Increase engagement with geo-targeting ads

We have all heard Real estate agents’ mantra “Location, Location, Location”. Location matters in real estate and online advertising. Especially if you are selling a niche product or service that will only appeal to a smaller market subgroup – typically a good candidate for Geo-targeting Ads.

So what are Geo-targeting Ads? Geo-targeting Ads allow you to target people based on their geographical location, using criteria such as County, State, Area, Radius, Congressional district, City, etc. 

Here are some geo-targeting examples that come to mind:

  • Restaurant only targeting customers within a 10-mile radius 
  • Sunscreen manufacturer targeting beach cities by zip code
  • Promoter targeting Nashville visitors during a Music festival
  • NFL targeting fans by venue location
  • Credit Card company predicting and targeting a specific demographic (e.g. college students) by city, radius or zip code

As examples above show, with geo-targeting businesses and brands can reach a location-specific audience and offer far more relevant content; therefore, wasted impressions are reduced, and engagement levels are increased. Ultimately, geo-targeting will result in higher ROI.

For more information on how to use geo-targeting on Google/AdWords, Twitter, and Facebook:

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