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Get insight into your customer’s journey with Google Tag Manager

You cannot deliver a great customer experience without first having a deep understanding of your customers, and with Google Tag Manager you can collect valuable data and get a full insight into your customer’s journey.

If you are new to GTM, here are just a few use cases to help you understand how many organizations use Google Tag Manager.

Typical use cases:

  • Track purchases (e.g. when a user clicks “add to cart”, “buy now”, etc.)
  • Track specific purchases (e.g. product purchases greater than $50)
  • Track all or specific outbound links (e.g. to track users leaving your website)
  • Track Form submissions (e.g. when users complete Contact Us, Member signup, White-paper, and other types of forms)
  • PDF Download (e.g. Product specifications)

Google Tag Manager is not the only solution; many other third-party solutions provide similar capabilities. However, we often recommend Google Tag Manager because:

  • It’s free
  • Fully integrated with Google Analytics, AdWords and DoubleClick
  • Able to track user behavior/journey across websites and apps, making it’s easier to monitor cross-channel marketing performance 
  • Familiar Google (simple) user interface 
  • Supports third-party solutions such as Adobe Analytics, LinkedIn, Twitter, CrazyEgg, HotJar, and many others
  • Robust tag technology – Tags load independently, and in parallel with other page elements
  • User error prevention features – preview, error checking, and version history

In summary, your competition is probably collecting valuable customer data using GTM, so you should get onboard. Start with only a few simple tags to gain a better understanding of capabilities and reporting, and then you can scale accordingly. Finally, if you have any questions or need help tracking customer journey, you can always get in touch with our team. We would love to assist you.   

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