Woman wearing augmented glasses
Digital Marketing

Wearable devices: marketing opportunities and Challenges

Gartner forecast* projects wearable devices to exceed 300 million in sales just this year (2017), proving how popular wearable devices are, and how big the …

"Brand" in big bold font
Digital Marketing

Why brand categorization is important

Most consumers use categorization to narrow down vast product options into something more manageable. This is especially true in mature industries where products and services …

Large group of people
Digital Marketing

Starting a business? here is how to do market research on a budget

Market research is usually associated with big brands, often spending millions researching market need, market size, and competition. While this is true, many startups, entrepreneurs, …

Hand holding a dollar sign
Digital Marketing

Customer lifetime Value 101: how much is your Customer worth to your business?

In simple terms, Customer Lifetime Value is the financial value of your customer during their entire relationship with your business. You can think of it …

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