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Why you should be on Snapchat

Because Snapchat is so new and different compared to other social media platforms, it is still behind Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram regarding marketing spend. However, Snapchat is gaining popularity with marketers due to its impressive user and engagement numbers.

Snapchat by numbers

  • 173 million daily active users
  • In the US alone, Snapchat reaches 41% of consumers between the ages of 18-34
  • Average user spends 30 minutes per day on Snapchat, and
  • Most users check Snapchat 18+ times per day

Why is Snapchat unique? 

  • Expiring content can create urgency which is hard to replicate with other types of content, and social media platforms
  • The interaction between a brand and users is not public
  • Less competition, because not every brand has a presence on Snapchat as they do on all the other popular platforms
  • It just feels more fun, hence why it attracts a younger audience

Who is Snapchat for?

Organizations targeting a younger audience (13 – 34) and selling directly to consumers (B2C). While there is still a lot of experimentation with Snapchat, most marketers are using Snapchat to offer promo codes, coupons, and launch new products (often partnering with influencers). 

What type of content can you share on Snapchat?

  • Images (taken with your phone camera)
  • Videos (under 10 seconds)
  • Snaps (images and videos sent privately to specific users)
  • Stories (images and videos shared with followers)

Does Snapchat have the back-end tools to measure campaigns? 

Yes – as is the case with other social media platforms, Snapchat has comprehensive tools to create, manage and measure campaigns.

In summary, Snapchat is not for all organizations. For example, if your core business is selling enterprise software to companies, it makes no sense to use Snapchat. However, if you are selling to a younger audience and have some liberty with your brand (i.e. able to have fun with your brand) then Snapchat may be the right platform for your organization. Finally, keep in mind that organizations that jump early on the new platform usually see the best results.

Useful link: Snapchat for Business

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